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University of Mississippi

Co-Director, Meagen Rosenthal

Meagen Rosenthal, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of pharmacy administration in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi. Rosenthal’s research focuses on developing systems to integrate health research evidence into practice (either in clinical settings or the daily lives of people) faster and more effectively. She approaches this broad topic area through two specific areas. The first specific area involves partnering with people who have chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity to understand their specific needs and help to generate research questions that are meaningful to them. The goal of this approach is that by generating knowledge from research questions that are important to people living with these conditions, these people will be more likely to adopt and integrate that knowledge into their daily lives. The second specific area involves working with community pharmacists to transform their practices to provide patients, especially those in rural communities where resources are limited, with much-needed services focused on chronic disease management. Community pharmacists are integral health care team members who are more accessible to patients than most other health care providers; however, they remain an underutilized resource.