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Policy Briefs

COVID-19 and Civic Engagement in Mississippi

Sept 9, 2020

An upward trend in civic engagement during the 2020 election cycle poses serious questions on how to vote safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerns over a decrease in in-person voting due to fear and public health concerns over possible spread of the virus at physical voting locations are highlighted. In this analysis, we present data from Mississippi and primaries around the country to offer up a solutions. Photo: Patricia McKnight, Milwukee Journal Sentinel

COVID-19 in the Rural South: A Perfect Storm of Disease, Health Access, and Co-Morbidity

April 13, 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has thrown into sharp contrast the growing inequalities of the rural-urban divide. While urban centers have been hit hard in the US, a recent report highlights a sharp uptick of micropolitan cases. This is important because nearly 5% of micropolitan and rural residents nation-wide, and nearly 8% of rural south residents, commute to urban hubs further increasing the spread of COVID-19. No place is this more germane than the rural south.

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