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University of Mississippi

My name is Danielle McGrew, and I am excited to be an intern with crew this summer working specifically on the curriculum design project. I am from Gulfport, Mississippi, and I am currently a pharmacy student at Ole Miss. I love to stay involved within the School of Pharmacy and its organizations. Some of my favorite opportunities as a student have been giving flu shots on campus, providing health screenings at More Than a Meal each month, and walking at the annual walk for diabetes. I also completed my undergraduate degree at Ole Miss, and I have called Oxford home for the past five years. However, I will be moving to Jackson in the fall to start my third year of pharmacy school, and while it is bittersweet to leave Oxford, I am excited for the new adventures and opportunities to come at the medical center. Some of the things I will miss most are Rice and Spice, walks through the grove, seeing the flowers on campus, and football games. I look forward to any chance I get to come back and visit! Outside of school, some of my favorite things to do are to travel and to go to concerts, and I’ve got a long list of places to go and people to see once the pandemic days are over! I also enjoy going out with friends, trying new restaurants, and watching The Office in my spare time. As a curriculum design intern this summer, I am excited to be able to play a role in helping Mississippians take charge of their communities, and in helping them learn to analyze what problems they have in order to find the solutions necessary to help them flourish.