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University of Mississippi

Currently, Eric Pham is enrolled at The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. He recently earned a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Class of 2020) and is pursuing his Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D. (Class of 2023). Because of pharmacy school and research experiences, he has been interested in public health because of the positive impact that even minute health initiatives bring to the well-being of community members. The goal in community-based research begins within our own communities, which can cause a ripple effect to other regions and beyond.

Within the School of Pharmacy, he is an active member and genuinely serves in leadership roles in many pharmaceutical organizations. While the world of pharmacy is ever-evolving with the roles of pharmacists, he is constantly seeking opportunities to advocate and research innovative practices, which would ultimately provide optimal care for patients.

In addition to academics, he is involved in several service, philanthropic, and social organizations, including Ole Miss Vietnamese-American Student Association and The Big Event. The University of Mississippi has offered many opportunities for growth in leadership, professional skills, interpersonal communication skills, and relationship building that are applicable in his personal and future professional career path.